Simone Lubrani

Artist Hours

  • Monday  Not Available
  • Tuesday  Not Available
  • Wednesday  11:30am-6:45pm
  • Thursday 11:30am-6:45pm
  • Friday  11:30am-6:45pm
  • Saturday  11:30am-6:45pm
  • Sunday 12:00pm-6:00pm

  • Simone habla español (trabaja los martes y domingos)

  • Simone parla italiano (lavora martedì e domenica)

Simone Lubrani started his tattoo journey in the summer of 1998, in the picturesque seaside city of Viareggio, Italy, known for its Carnival. However, Simone’s love of tattoos started much earlier in his life. At the of sixteen, while on vacation in Los Angeles, he fell in love with the colorful tattoos he saw adorning the skin of the members of California’s gritty music scene. Once home, in Italy, Simone got his first tattoo, which served as the catalyst for his wanting to learn how to tattoo, and for him to take the first steps in his lifelong journey honing his skills as a tattoo artist.
In a time when the internet was still in its infancy, long before Google and Youtube could be used to teach users everything they need to know about anything, Simone set out to find out whatever he could about tattooing. He spent the next seven year getting tattooed and asking tattooers for any scrap of info they would give him about tattooing. Eventually, Simone was taken under the wing of his now late mentor, Markan, and began learning the fundamentals of tattooing. He furthered his artist talents while attending The New York Tibetan Art Studio in New York City. Even after almost twenty years of tattooing, Simone still looks forward to every interaction with his clients, and working together with them to create a unique piece of beautiful artwork. Rather than limiting himself to just one or two tattoo styles, he prefers working in all styles of tattooing, as it allows him to be a more well-rounded artist. When not tattooing, he enjoys spending time with his lady, and their four miniature dachshunds. He also savors the therapeutic benefits he finds while driving solo with his car or motorcycle.