Heather Martin-Owens

Artist Hours

  • Monday first MON each month
  • Tuesday first TUE each month
  • Wednesday first WED each month
  • Thursday Not Available
  • Friday Not Available
  • Saturday Not Available
  • Sunday Not Available

Heather Martin-Owens was born and raised in Miami Florida. During college, she studied photography, painting, drawing and sculpture. After dreaming of being a tattoo artist for years, she finally started tattooing in 2011. Once she had several years of tattooing under her belt, she decided to make the move to New York City in the spring of 2014. Heather‘s skills in tattooing are versatile; she can tattoo in many styles, such neo-traditional, traditional, color realism, and Japanese. Furthermore, Heather is known for her clean line work and solid color work.



Email Me: heather@larktattoo.com