GUEST ARTIST: Maytee Bringas (5/8/17-5/12/17) - Lark Tattoo

28 Feb

GUEST ARTIST: Maytee Bringas (5/8/17-5/12/17)

Maytee Bringas is a tattoo artist from sunny Florida, who owns Sunset Tattoo Parlour in Miami. We are excited for Maytee to bring her style of tattooing to NY during her guest spot at Lark Tattoo. This is a unique opportunity to get tattooed by Maytee, without having to travel all the way to Florida! Hopefully, she will bring the warm weather with her!

Grab your spot with Maytee while she is at Lark Tattoo 5/8/17-5/12/17.

For info, appointment availability, and to book your appointment with Maytee,

CALL 516-794-5844