Petition Update -

11 Dec

Petition Update


We have just received word that a memorandum has been sent from the NYS Department of Health to all city/county health directors stating that each department should defer enforcement of the new law until a “guidance document” is developed (or new law is passed) due to the concerns that have been brought up. 

This means that the law has been successfully delayed (for now)! Huge victory for NYS tattooing! HOWEVER, this is not the end by any means! 

A new bill is being written, and will need to be voted on by the Assembly and Senate, which means our concerns should be made known to your local lawmakers, write a letter, make a phone call, arrange a meeting! There is also a mandatory comment period for every bill before passing, where the public can address any concerns with proposed legislation. Be involved and prevent the same situation from happing again!!

Thank you to everyone who has helped in this effort! I will continue to post updates as I receive them!